Research & Analysis Testimonials

“Curt Monash's publications provide unmatched insight
into technology and marketplace trends.
I have read them avidly for over a decade.”

-- Lawrence J. Ellison,
Chairman and CEO,
Oracle Corporation

“Curt has been an absolutely brilliant and insightful analyst and strategic consultant for the software industry for several decades. He is an astute financial analyst, trusted advisor, highly-regarded industry pundit, and prolific writer."

-- Adam Rin, Ph.D.,
Founder, Adar Advisors,
formerly President, GartnerResearch

“Curt is one of the best, fact-based analysts in the industry. Great expertise in analytics, technology, and applications.”

-- Dennis Moore,
Former Senior Vice President, SAP AG

"... tough, fair and extremely prescient. We read it at Cognos to find out what our customers and competitors are up to, and where they're going next."

-- Renato Zambonini, Former Chairman,
Cognos, Incorporated

“ ... one of the most entertaining, thought-provoking, and insightful publications in the industry. Monash offers vendors and customers real value by posing alternatives they might not have otherwise considered.”

-- David Duffield,
Co-Founder and CEO, Workday
formerly Founder/CEO, Peoplesoft

"Your overview of the development tools industry is an amazing feat. It covers the key points on almost everything happening in this industry."

-- Charles O. Rossotti, Senior Advisor, The Carlyle Group
formerly Commissioner, Internal Revenue

"Curt Monash really understands VARs and systems integrators."


-- VARBusiness

“DBMS2 [is] probably the best data warehousing news source there is.”


-- Larry Greenfield
LGI Systems Incorporated

"Curt is a very smart analyst who digs into the hard questions and (more importantly) can understand and communicate the answers."

-- Dr. Michael Stonebraker
Founding CTO
Vertica Systems and StreamBase Systems

"...[Curt's] blog is having a substantial influence over my research and teaching in DW/OLAP."

-- Daniel Lemire, Professor
Université du Québec à Montréal

"In my opinion, Curt is one of the very few "database people" who also understands search and text."


-- Dave Kellogg, CEO
Mark Logic Corporation

"If you are interested in keeping up with this new world of analytically enhanced databases, the Monash Research DBMS2 site is, without question, the best source for information about these companies. Every post is full of interesting database goodies, technical enough to go below the marketing, but business savvy enough to understand what market needs each company is meeting and missing. Highly recommended."

-- Michael Wexler, VP of Web Analytics
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