From time to time, our customers and other industry observers are kind enough to say nice things about us. Here are a few of them.

"I've known Curt for a long time and think he's one of the smartest people on the planet. (In fact, one of my favorite ways to torture sloppy product marketing managers was to have them present an early version of their presentations to Curt. In thirty minutes, every rhetorical hole would be blown open, every piece of threadbare logic shattered.)"

-- David Kellogg

President and CEO
Mark Logic Corporation

More Research & Analysis Testimonials

“When I was General Manager of Merant’s DataDirect division, Curt Monash was an amazingly helpful advisor. Curt helped us think through our whole strategic direction; he gave us good, technically deep guidance on product features and priorities; he even went over our positioning and slide presentations line by line in a laser focused manner. The final result was significantly better.”

-- Panos Anastassiadis
CEO, Cyveillance


"Curt Monash possesses the rare ability to distill the essence of technological issues into understandable terms. He is particularly adept at melding a firm's product positioning, corporate strategy, and valuation parameters into a concise and coherent framework upon which one can make an informed investment decision. He is a trusted resource.

-- Matthew P. Kaufler, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Clover Capital Management, Inc.