The Monash Advantage

  • Analytics strategy?
  • Search strategy?
  • SaaS strategy?
  • Appliance strategy?
  • Strategic positioning?
  • Online marketing strategy?
  • Online marketing tactics?
  • Partnerships?
  • Acquisitions?

We give you detailed counsel on all these subjects, and more ... but only if you join the Monash Advantage program.

Monash Advantage program features

The Monash Advantage executive program has three major components, each of which is directly targeted to help IT vendors market and sell more successfully:

  • Members-only reports, called Monash Letters, with deep, exclusive analysis of critical issues such as those mentioned above.
  • Custom consulting, drilling down into the particular subjects that most concern you.
  • Access to our writing and speaking services.

For more information please see:

... one of the most entertaining, thought-provoking, and insightful publications in the industry. Monash offers vendors and customers real value by posing alternatives they might not have otherwise considered.

Dave Duffield